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January 2021

Date Title
1/8/21 Boston News: Katherine Clark says impeachment proceedings to begin ‘as early as mid-next week’ if Trump isn’t removed from office
1/8/21 Politico: 'This unhinged person': Democrats speed toward Trump’s impeachment
1/8/21 Reuters: Top U.S. House Democrat says House prepared to impeach Trump -CNN interview
1/8/21 WCVB: Mass. delegation ramps up calls to remove Trump from office
1/8/21 CBS Boston: Rep. Katherine Clark Says Focus Now Is Securing The Country
1/7/21 WGBH: Calls Grow For President’s Immediate Removal From Office
1/7/21 Boston Globe: The FBI asked for tips about people ‘instigating violence’ at the Capitol — and people pointed at Trump and others
1/7/21 Forbes: Bipartisan Calls Grow In Congress For Trump’s Removal Through The 25th Amendment
1/7/21 Mass Live: ‘Our democracy is literally under assault’: Massachusetts lawmakers react to violent, pro-Trump insurrection at US Capitol
1/7/21 What the Massachusetts delegation is saying about the police response to the Capitol riot
1/7/21 NBC Boston: Almost Every Member of Congress From Mass. Calls for Trump to Be Ousted
1/6/21 CommonWealth Magazine: Mass. delegation stunned, outraged by mob invasion of Capitol
1/6/21 CBS Boston: Rep. Katherine Clark: We Will Complete Electoral College Process
1/6/21 Politico: Rising number of Democrats call for Trump impeachment
1/6/21 Boston Globe: Democrats call for Trump to be removed from office after mob stormed US Capitol