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November 2021

Date Title
11/22/21 Boston Globe: Assistant House Speaker Katherine Clark moving to Revere
11/20/21 Forbes: 'Putting Children And Women First': Katherine Clark Celebrates Build Back Better After House Passage
11/19/21 Framingham Source: Assistant Speaker Clark Celebrates Universal Pre-K, Lower Cost For Families in Build Back Better Act Passage
11/19/21 Public Now: Assistant Speaker Clark Celebrates Lower Costs For Families, Universal Pre-K In Passage Of Transformative Build Back Better Act
11/19/21 CP24 News: Democrats' sweeping social, climate bill passes divided U.S. House
11/19/21 Patch Boston: Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict: MA Politicians Say Justice Failed
11/17/21 Assistant Speaker Clark makes the case for Biden's 'Build Back Better' ahead of House vote
11/17/21 Ms. Magazine: First Federal Legislation on Workplace Harassment and Discrimination Reintroduced in Congress: “No More Silence, No More Complacency”
11/17/21 What exactly does the new infrastructure bill mean for Massachusetts?
11/17/21 Chestnut Post: Rep. Katherine Clark: Democrats Are The Ones Stepping Up
11/17/21 Framingham Source: Assistant Speaker Clark Re-Introduces BE HEARD Act To Address Workplace Harassment
11/17/21 MSNBC: Rep. Clark: Democrats are the ones stepping up, meeting the needs of people
11/16/21 Roll Call: House reconciliation vote could slip to Saturday
11/12/21 HuffPost: This Is What It's Really Like To Be 4 Weeks Postpartum
11/11/21 Finance and Commerce: U.S.-funded child care closer to reality