BOSTON – Rep. Katherine Clark, the second ranking Democrat in the U.S. House, spoke to WBZ-TV political analyst Jon Keller for his Sunday show to discuss the legislative logjam in D.C., and why the United States remains "way behind" in helping families with child care.

In 2021, Clark introduced the Child Care is Infrastructure Act, which she said would make key investments in child care facilities and the early education workforce. There has been no movement since the bill was introduced.

"I don't understand why we don't have Republican support. This isn't a Democrat issue. This is an issue that families around the Commonwealth, around Massachusetts are facing, small businesses and large are facing. It is a rural issue, a suburban issue, and an urban issue," Clark told Keller. "So why is it that we are continuing to have Republicans who are approaching this issue as it's some sort of accessory and not the vital economic infrastructure?"

Clark also described the general challenges facing the U.S. House and the lack of bipartisanship. She said "extremists are running" the House GOP majority

Keller asked if Clark believes she would be able to find five Republicans to work with in order to flip the numbers for a Democrat-backed issue.

"There are many Republicans that I feel like I can work with. The question is are they going to stand up?" Clark said. "There is tremendous pressure on them not to step out of line with the Republicans, with this extreme agenda they've put together. They fear they'll have a primary. What we're seeing are the American people and voices are being drowned out. We are committed to putting people over politics. And where Republicans will meet us and join us, we stand willing to work with them." 


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