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July 2023

Date Title
7/14/23 Malden Advocate: Whip Clark Celebrates Disability Pride Month, Federal Investment in Special Education Services
7/13/23 CNN: House adopts controversial amendments as defense bill passage hangs in the balance
7/13/23 NYT: Defense Bill’s Fate Teeters After G.O.P. Wedges In Social Issues
7/12/23 Patch: Barnstable County Sheriff Supports New Call For Assault Weapons Ban
7/11/23 Courier-Journal: As UPS-Teamsters impasse continues, what politicians are saying
7/10/23 World Socialist Web Site: Teamsters promote strike-breaking Democrats as UPS contract nears expiration
7/10/23 Boston Globe: Don’t let an assault weapon end another life. Ban assault weapons.
7/5/23 Boston Magazine: Just What Is Marty Walsh up to, Anyway?

June 2023

Date Title
6/30/23 MassLive: Mass. officials say SCOTUS student loan forgiveness ruling ‘must not be the last word’
6/30/23 CBS: Democrats discuss Supreme Court reform after affirmative action ruling
6/30/23 Mass. politicians react to Supreme Court’s blow to LGBTQ rights in Christian web designer ruling
6/30/23 Boston Globe: Political leaders, educators, legal analysts react to Supreme Court’s affirmative action decision
6/26/23 Washington Post: Opinion A year after Dobbs, the pro-choice movement has never been stronger
6/19/23 Boston Globe: ‘We will not give up ground,’ Governor Healey says as Mass. observes Juneteenth holiday
6/15/23 Yahoo: Bill reintroduced in Congress gives federal protection for right to birth control access