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Civil Rights and Social Justice

The American story has been one of painstaking, hard-won progress toward a more perfect union – where every person’s inalienable rights are fully honored and realized. As Congresswoman Barbara Jordan once put it, “What the people want is simple: they want an America as good as its promise.”

While the forces of bigotry and anti-democracy attempt to drag us backward, House Democrats are fighting for the rights and freedoms of every person.

Unleashed by a right-wing Supreme Court, a new generation of Jim Crow laws has suppressed millions of Americans’ sacred right to vote and silenced communities of color across the country. To fight back and safeguard American democracy, we must restore the heart of the Voting Rights Act, end gerrymandering, and get corporate money out of our elections.

Building a just America also means saving lives from hateful violence. Democrats have secured key victories in the fight for a safer future: enacting legislation to classify lynching as a federal hate crime and bolstering anti-hate protections for our AAPI communities

Following the 2020 uprisings, I proudly cast my vote for the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act in honor of George, Breonna, Ahmaud, Trayvon, Elijah, Tamir, and countless others who have lost their lives to racist bigotry. This landmark legislation would tackle the scourge of police violence and redefine the relationship between our communities and law enforcement – changing the culture of policing from warrior to guardian.

I have also worked to uphold the safety and Constitutional rights of our LGBTQ community – proudly voting to codify marriage equality into federal law. Through my daughter Riley, I have seen firsthand the extraordinary strength so many Americans are forced to summon simply to live as they are. Moved by her extraordinary courage, I am fighting alongside House Democrats to finally expand federal civil rights protections to LGBTQ Americans with the Equality Act.

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Rep. Clark sits on a panel on Black business needs in Cambridge. Sitting next to Rep. Clark were Rep. Lori Trahan, Rep. Ayanna Pressley, and the Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers Cecilia Rouse. Rep. Clark laughs with constituents outside of Medford City Hall during the city's annual Pride event. Rep. Clark laughs with a Black woman as a Martin Luther King Day event in Medford. Rep. Clark smiles for a picture with activists in her Washington D.C. office.