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Climate Change and Environmenal Justice

There’s no question that the climate crisis is the existential threat of our time. The devastating realities of climate change have been felt across the globe, wreaking their harshest impacts on our most vulnerable communities.

As the Representative of a coastal community, I have seen firsthand how a changing climate directly threatens Massachusetts. And as a mother of three, I recognize that we are running out of time to do right by future generations.

This moment demands an unprecedented, all-hands-on-deck response.

With our game-changing Inflation Reduction Act, Democrats enacted the largest climate investment in history — putting us on track to slash carbon pollution by 40 percent this decade.

We’re also ushering in a new era of economic opportunity for working families. The Inflation Reduction Act slashes energy bills while ensuring that the next generation of wind, solar, hydrogen, and carbon capture technologies are produced here in America — creating good-paying, union jobs in Massachusetts and nationwide.

Importantly, these resources are being directed to the Americans who need them most, spurring opportunity and tackling legacy pollution in underserved areas that have long been left behind.

With our historic Infrastructure Law, Democrats have also delivered the investments we need to transform our communities — deploying a nationwide electric vehicle charging network, expanding clean public transit, and bolstering our resilience to extreme weather.

Every step of the way, I’m making sure Massachusetts gets our fair share of these investments. I have proudly secured federal funding for local projects across the Fifth District — from cleaning up Lake Waushakum to protecting the Charles River’s tree canopy and restoring vulnerable wetlands in Woburn.

Democrats have made some vital strides forward, but I know that the fight for the future of our planet is far from over. As Democratic Whip, I am committed to taking even bolder climate action to protect our planet and our future.

Rep. Clark talks with Medford residents who are riding bikes along a greenway. Rep. Clark laughs while wearing a blure jacket that says Charles River Watershed Association. Rep. Clark is speaking at a podium with the Environmental Protection Agency seal on the front. She is gesturing to a playground. Rep. Clark is speaking at a podium in front of the seal of the National Park Service.