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July 2019

Date Title
7/30/19 The Atlantic: How Mitch McConnell Persuaded a Senior House Democrat to Back Impeachment
7/29/19 MSNBC: Chris Hayes talks to the highest ranking Democrat to come out in favor of an impeachment inquiry against the President so far.
7/25/19 Boston Globe: Representative Katherine Clark calls for impeachment inquiry against Trump
7/25/19 NBC News: Mueller fallout: Highest-ranking House Democrat to date calls for Trump impeachment
7/25/19 Huffington Post: Katherine Clark Is Highest-Ranking House Democrat To Call For Impeachment Inquiry
7/25/19 The Hill: House Democratic leadership member backs impeachment inquiry
7/23/19 Bloomberg: Congress Wants More Info on McDonald's Anti-Harassment Measures
7/23/19 Armenian Mirror Spectator: Rep. Clark Meets with Parliament Speaker Mirzoyan, Armenian Leaders in US Capitol
7/16/19 MSNBC: Full Katherine Clark: House’s ‘Archaic Rules’ Are A Distraction | MTP Daily
7/16/19 Boston Globe: A Revere veteran’s legal marijuana job cost him a VA loan. Now, Congress is stepping in
7/15/19 Boston Globe: Youth activists push gun control to forefront of 2020 campaign
7/11/19 Forbes: Congress Votes To Allow Home Loans For Veterans Working In Marijuana Industry
7/11/19 WGBH: Rep. Katherine Clark: Acosta 'Unfit To Be Secretary Of Labor'
7/10/19 The Guardian: Trump labor secretary who cut Epstein deal plans to slash funds for sex trafficking victims
7/10/19 Salon: After giving Epstein "deal of a lifetime," Alex Acosta tried to slash anti-trafficking program