Congresswoman Katherine Clark received a warm welcome from Mayor Brian Arrigo, state and city officials, and Point of Pines residents for a visit that highlighted the Riverside Climate Resiliency Project. Clark, the current Democratic Whip after serving as Assistant Speaker in the previous session of Congress, led the way in securing nearly $2 million in funding that will directly tackle flooding in the Riverside neighborhood by constructing the vegetated berm along Mills Avenue and designing a brand-new neighborhood drainage system that will alleviate the flooding that is occurring on a regular basis.  

The new resiliency project will complement Mayor Arrigo’s bold and innovative vision for the area that will include Redgate’s residential development on the G and J Towing Property and the construction of a community boating center on the Boatworks property among other public recreational and walking spaces that all residents will be able to enjoy. Elle Baker, open space and environmental planner for the City of Revere, provided Congressman Clark and the group with a tour of the area prior to the press conference.

Mayor Arrigo, State Reps. Jessica Giannino and Jeff Turco, “We are incredibly lucky to be joined today by the most influential Revere resident in history, the Democratic Whip of the United States House of Representatives, Katherine Clark,” said Arrigo. “This is a special opportunity for you to come and see the great work that is happening in Revere –  and it allows us on the local level to thank  you for your leadership in Washington, D.C., and what it allows us on the local level to do.” At the outset of her remarks, Rep. Clark thanked “my mayor, Brian Arrigo, and your staff for your partnership and your expertise for making a real difference in Revere, this neighborhood, and in the Commonwealth overall.” Clark described climate change as “the existential threat of our time.” “You only need to turn on the news to see that this is a global crisis with local impact like right here in this neighborhood.

And it’s one that requires an all-out response at every level of government,” said Clark. State Reps. Jessica Giannino and Jeff Turco Ward 5 Councillor John Power, Julie Wormser of the Mystic River Watershed Association, and neighborhood leaders Loretta LaCentra and Lorraine Hurley also spoke at the event.  Giannino, who represented the neighborhood as a councillor-at-large and state representative, told residents, “You’ll be able to walk down a boardwalk, and be able take your family here to enjoy the park as we make this neighborhood walking accessible.

This was a collaborative effort and without everyone’s involvement and everyone saying this is a priority and our neighborhood deserves better, we wouldn’t be standing here today.” Turco, who now represents all of Ward 5, thanked Clark for her efforts in securing the close to $2 million in funding for the resiliency project. “We are so blessed to have Congresswoman Clark as our congresswoman,” said Turco. “I want to thank you for your leadership and for taking care [of projects] like this that are important for the people of this neighborhood.”


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