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Reproductive Freedom

For half a century, Roe v. Wade upheld a straightforward truth: reproductive freedom is a basic human right. By overturning Roe, the Supreme Court’s right-wing majority dismantled a Constitutional protection that most Americans have never lived without. 

The right to decide if and when to have children is fundamental to any free society — and to any country that values the health of its citizens. But MAGA Republicans are hellbent on rolling back that freedom and enacting a nationwide abortion ban. 

Outraged by these attacks, women across the country have courageously told their own personal abortion stories. They inspired me to share my story of a miscarriage that required an abortion to prevent a potentially fatal infection. As I wrote then, abortion bans are designed to inflict a legal and emotional nightmare on Americans who are guilty of nothing but needing basic health care.

MAGA Republicans believe in a country where freedom is reserved for a privileged few. House Democrats believe freedom belongs to all of us. 

I have proudly supported legislation to uphold reproductive justice in every corner of the country — voting to enshrine abortion access into federal law, codify the right to use birth control, and make clear that every American is free to seek abortion care across state lines.

Rep. Clark hugs an abortion provider at the Boston Planned Parenthood. Rep. Clark speaks at a podium in front of the U.S. Capitol. The podium has a sign that says Right to Contraception Act. Rep. Clark poses for a pictue in front of the U.S. Capitol with reproductive freedom activists. Rep. Clark waves a green cloth as she's lead away by a police officer after being arrested during a demonstration in support of reproductive freedom.