“Tonight’s speech was littered with misinformation and political grandstanding. The President’s policies have dramatically worsened inequality and the opportunity gap in America and will only continue to threaten our nation’s path toward progress and equality.

In tonight’s speech, Trump set forth a vision that is in contrast to his own policies. We heard commitments to lowering prescription drug costs, to eliminating AIDS/HIV, and fighting childhood cancer. These are noble causes that the Trump administration has undermined with its own attacks on the Affordable Health Care Act, science, and funding for research. He declared a message of unity then referred to Congress’s oversight responsibilities as a ‘ridiculous partisan investigation’. He called for an economy that works for everyone while ignoring the 34-day shut down that cost the American people $11 billion and thousands of families their economic stability.

House Democrats are committed to working for the people. We will move forward policies that ensure equal pay for equal work, make accessible and affordable health care a reality for everyone, and advance legislation that addresses the urgent threat presented by climate change. These are the values that will lift all of us up and propel our country forward.”