WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Democratic Whip Katherine Clark (MA-5) and Members of the Democratic Caucus joined Glamour and Paid Leave for All to celebrate the collection of 50,000 constituent signatures in support of a national paid leave policy. Below is a transcript of her remarks: 

“I am so proud to stand here with Kristin, with Glamour, with so many friends and colleagues and advocates who are making one thing clear: it is time for an economy that works for working families.

“An economy with paid leave for all. An economy where bonding with a newborn isn’t a privilege — it's a right. Where taking time off to care for your loved one will not cost you your job.

“We have over [50,000] Americans who have signed this petition, calling on Congress to act. But we know they represent millions and millions of Americans. 

“We know the American people have made themselves clear. They should not have to choose between keeping a job and caring for a loved one. That the economy that is insecure for them brings everyone down. 

“The good news is we have a solution. We can follow the lead of every one of our peer nations: Guarantee national paid leave. Invest in child care like it’s the economic infrastructure that it is. Empower families with financial stability and confidence. 

“We can’t afford to look away. This isn’t about blue or red — urban or rural issue. This is about every family, in every state, in every zip code across our country.

“There is a simple, obvious path to lowering costs for families and building a stronger, more just economy for every American — and it starts by making sure that we have paid leave and that we honor families and the balance of their need to care for their loved ones and also bring home the income they need for a quality life.”

The full press conference can be viewed HERE. Photos of the event can be viewed HERE.

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