WASHINGTON, D.C. – Democratic Whip Katherine Clark (D-MA) took to the House Floor to denounce House Republicans’ extreme, partisan appropriations bills which slash critical programs for children and families and attack the health and rights of women. Below is a transcript of her remarks:

“Mr. Speaker, a budget is a reflection of our values. And what a low value the Majority places on women and children in these bills.

“In these two minutes allotted to me, 40 Americans will be physically abused by a partner — 40 Americans. But instead of standing with those survivors, MAGA Republicans are defunding the Violence Against Women Act. And, they’re taking away survivors’ access to legal counsel. Those are the GOP’s values.

“MAGA ideology is about controlling people — their health, their lives, their bodies. And in these bills, they’re continuing their march toward a national abortion ban: defunding family planning programs, banning providers from talking to patients about abortion care, banning medical students from even learning how to provide safe abortions. Those are their values. 

“Millions of parents sent their kids to school today — not knowing if they’ll come home safe. The Republicans’ response? Unleash more guns onto the streets, including untraceable ghost guns. Those are their values. And about those schools — in these bills, they’re gutting public education and child care. They’re even defunding resources for missing and exploited children.

“We see the extreme values of the GOP in these bills. These values are not shared by the American people. We are here to serve people. These extreme bills work against them. I urge my colleagues to vote no.”

To watch the full speech, click HERE