Clark:  Congress Should Follow Example of Massachusetts’ Determination to End Gun Violence

Washington, D.C. – Today Congresswoman Katherine Clark praised the Massachusetts omnibus legislation aimed at reducing gun violence signed by Governor Deval Patrick this morning. The legislative package adopted S.210, legislation Clark introduced during her service in the Massachusetts legislature to promote safe learning environments in schools throughout the Commonwealth.

“Today’s bill is a result of hard work and our state lawmakers’ drive to do the right thing. Making important progress for the safety of our children and families means lawmakers had to listen to and work with one another even when they disagreed. Because of their common drive to serve the Commonwealth, our schools are safer, guns will be kept out of the hands of dangerous criminals, our criminal justice system will have the tools needed to keep us safe, and important protections for law abiding gun owners are preserved.

“But states can't do this alone. It is unacceptable for another life to be lost to gun violence while Congress sits on its hands.  Speaker Boehner should allow the U.S. House to vote on reducing gun violence.”

Clark is demanding votes on legislation she co-sponsored to strengthen gun safety. Clark has co-sponsored more than a dozen bills to address gun violence, including: the Assault Weapons Ban,  the Fire Sale Loophole Closing Act, the Fix Gun Checks Act,  the Preventing Victims of Stalking Act, the Domestic Violent Criminal Disarmament Act and the Domestic Violence and Stalking Victims Protection Act.