Many child care centers are preparing to reopen, and already they are seeing a drop in enrollment. Some parents may be waiting until September, while others could be questioning whether they want to send their children back at all. Parents of school-aged children may face a similar situation come September, too.

Non-emergency child care centers were permitted to reopen in Phase 2, but still need approval of their health and safety plans before resuming operations. Child care providers have raised concerns about reopening under the state’s updated guidelines and Rep. Katherine Clark recently introduced a bill that would invest $10 billion to help centers safely reopen during the pandemic. And for schools, state officials released guidelines earlier this month to give districts time to prepare reopening in the fall.

So we want to hear from parents: What would it take for you to feel safe sending your children back to school or daycare? Would mandatory masks make you feel safe? Or would you want to see staggered scheduling for smaller class sizes to minimize contact? Do you want to keep your kids home until contact tracing is more widely implemented? Maybe you want wait for a vaccine? Fill out the survey below to let us know what would make you feel safe to send your child back to school or daycare.


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