Three-quarters of the 16-member House Democratic leadership team for the 117th Congress have served four or fewer terms and nearly half are racial minorities, but only five are women and only one is a woman of color.


The 117th Congress will have 91 Democratic women, roughly 41 percent of the caucus, but only five in leadership, accounting for 31 percent of the team. That’s two fewer than are on the outgoing 17-member leadership team (freshman had two leadership representatives this Congress and one was a woman).

Massachusetts Rep. Katherine M. Clark still shattered some of the remaining glass ceiling with her election as assistant speaker, making her the second-highest-ranking woman ever in Democratic leadership behind Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The other two women on the incoming leadership team besides Pelosi, Clark and Lee are Michigan Rep. Debbie Dingell, who was reelected as a DPCC co-chair, and Illinois Rep. Cheri Bustos, who was appointed as a Steering and Policy co-chair after she decided not to run for a second term chairing the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

California Rep. Pete Aguilar, who won a contested race for vice chair, will be the only Latino in leadership next Congress even though 15 percent of the incoming Democratic Caucus is Hispanic.


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