MSNBC 12/19/2018 08:53:51 AM: ...congresswoman katherine lark. casey hunt is back as well. hey, i know another katherine clark. 

>> score boro. exactly. 

>> great name. thank you for being with us. a lot to do between now and january 3rd. what is the thing the democrats want to accomplish in the majority? 

>> the first bill we're going to do hr-1 is going to be looking at how we protect the vote. when we see what happened in the midterms, how what is continuing to unfold in north carolina, we want to send a clear message we want to get dark money out of politics and we want to make sure every american has that right to vote protected. so that's going to be our first bill. 

>> speaking of the north carolina situation, do you expect another vote there? or will democrats recognize the republicans? 

>> we are working to make sure we have a new special election in that race. the fraud that we are seeing that is unfolding is extremely concerning, that this man was taking ballots and potentially changing them, or discarding them. we want to make sure dan mccready has a fair shot at this race and we're on the ground and going to be pushing for a special election. 

>> let's send it to kasie hunt. you've got the next question. 

>> congresswoman, good to see you. i want to ask you about a little erm politicking. but alexandria oscasio-cortez newly minted in your caucus is talking about being unhappy hakeem jeffries, a longtime new york congresswoman, is going to be the chair of the caucus and is suggesting she might chat everything him -- challenge him. do you have any advice for the caucus and for miss oscasio-cortez as she tries to operate inside the house democratic caucus? 

>> you know, there are always going to be rumors about campaigns in the future. but i can tell you the reason i ran for vice chair of this caucus and what i'm seeing is there's great unity. it's time for this caucus to get to work for the american people. and as i travel the country in the midterms, making sure that we elected democrats, we were able to see and talk to voters and what they're concerned about is we put the challenges facing american family back on the table. and the leading issue i heard about was health care. so that is what our caucus is focused on and that is what we are going to work to do, is put the american family voices back on the table in congress. 

>> congresswoman, as you know, there are progressives who are licking their chops, the fact all are back in power now and you control the house and they're out for blood when it comes to president trump politically. jerry najherer will run the committee, how aggressive should you be in the pursuit of the president and some people are saying we want an impeachment vote as soon as we can get one. what is your view on that? 

>> i can tell you we're focused on just what i was talking to kasie about, making sure we're setting a bold agenda and actually getting it done, delivering results for american families. but accountability is part of the picture and it's part of constitutional obligation that we do have a role in oversight. i think part of what we saw unfold in the flynn sentencing yesterday was i know i felt a bit of relief that we saw the judicial branch standing up and holding the actions of general flynn to accountability to the american people. and we have been missing that balance in this chaos, and with a republican leadership, that is not committed to transparency or accountability. so i think we are going to use these committees, we are going to put oversight in our constitutional role back into committee hearings and we will see where the facts lead us when it comes to impeachment. 

>> we also may be just a day or two from a government shutdown. where should democrats go in terms of giving the president money he's asking for, for this border wall for more security? what are the odds you think the government will be run and running by the end of the week? 

>> this is completely up to the republicans who still control the house, the senate and the white house. and the wall is bad policy. it's just bad policy. we know this. and so for the president to have a tantrum and saying he would shut down government and ironically would deny pay to those who would patrol our borders, to tsa as we're going into the holiday travel season, is really sort discouraging, you know. when when my children were young and they were having that kind of tantrum, i would make sure they have a snack and a nap. but this is a 72-year-old president of the united states. 

>> he does it now. 

>> that's an issue. 

>> that's one issue. but this fundamentally the wall is the wrong way to go. we used to fortify cancels because that was our best technology. we all want securitied ed borders but we differ very much how to get there. 

>> congresswoman katherine clark, thank you. 

>> chinese came up with a wall. 

>> yeah. nobody wants that. 

>> listen, thank you very much, and good luck to you. busy season. 

>> and that is near your district? 

>> nearby. 

>> we'll wrap up the day. it's been quite a day in news and much more to come as we follow the facts here on msnbc. that does it for us this morning. chris jansing picks up the coverage right now. ...


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