Several Massachusetts lawmakers denounced President Donald Trump’s latest efforts to overturn the election, arguing Trump’s pressuring of Georgia officials to “find” just enough votes to flip the state flies in the face of election laws and is the same behavior that got the president impeached.

During an hour-long call obtained by The Washington Post, Trump pressured Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger on Saturday “to find 11,780 votes.” Doing so would theoretically reverse his 11,779-vote loss in that state to President-elect Joe Biden, which has already been certified by the state.

Trump unloaded a barrage of debunked claims of corruption and fraud throughout the call and threatened Raffensperger, a Republican, and his general counsel, Ryan Germany, claiming they were complicit in criminal activity. The state officials asserted the election was fair and the results were accurate, telling the president his data was simply wrong.

The president has no authority to instruct local election officials to stop doing their jobs, and several election experts and lawmakers argue Trump’s effort to sway Raffensperger violated state and federal election laws.

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