WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Democratic Whip Katherine Clark (MA-5), Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries (NY-8) and Democratic Caucus Chair Pete Aguilar (CA-33) spoke to members of the press and emphasized that House Democrats are ready to stand with our allies around the word and will continue to stand up to the pro-Putin extremists. Below is a transcript of their remarks: 

WHIP CLARK: Thank you, Mr. Leader. Thank you for putting this moment in the historical context that it deserves. We are here in a make-or-break moment for Ukraine, but also for the standing of the United States. Are we an ally who will come to the defense of another sovereign democracy? Are we going to stand up at this moment and say that we stand together with Ukraine and against the aggression of Putin? And we know that forces across Russia, but also across the aisle here in the House of Representatives, that want to see Putin be successful, that have been holding up this vital national security funding for months and moving the ball as they do it— moving the goalposts. So today's the day, and we stand ready as House Democrats to vote for our national security, to vote to stand with our allies across the world and send a message that we stand behind our word, we stand with our allies and we stand firmly for democracy. That is how we are going to continue to evaluate this package and that is how we will vote on this package when it comes before the House. 

LEADER JEFFRIES: For months, America's national security interests have been put on hold, undermined by a group of extreme pro-Putin Republicans, who are determined to stop us from standing with our allies across the world and, in particular, the Ukrainian people, who have fought bravely and valiantly in defense of principles like democracy, freedom and truth. The time has come for the House of Representatives to act, and act decisively in America's national security interests. This is a Churchill or Chamberlain moment. We can either confront Russian aggression in defense of democracy, or we can allow pro-Putin extreme MAGA Republicans to appease. As events have shown in modern world history, appeasement of aggression gets you nowhere. When this was tried at the beginning of the events that precipitated World War II, it led to nothing for more than 100 million people losing their lives or being seriously injured as a result of the events of the Second World War. We cannot repeat our past mistakes. We have to make sure that we stand with our democratic allies in Ukraine, in Israel and in the Indo-Pacific and surge humanitarian assistance to Palestinian civilians who are in harm's way in Gaza through no fault of their own and civilians who are in war zones all across the world. That's our intention, to get that done over the next few days. 

CHAIRMAN AGUILAR: Thank you Whip Clark and Leader Jeffries. America must maintain its role as the leader of the free world. House Democrats, for months, have been asking to vote on this national security supplemental to get aid to Israel, to Ukraine, humanitarian assistance and Indo-Pacific priorities. It is so important that we support those efforts. Speaker Johnson has to tune out the extremism on his side and give us an opportunity to vote to reach our national security imperatives. 

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