LEESBURG, VA — Today, Democratic Whip Katherine Clark (MA-5) joined DPCC Co-Chairs Veronica Escobar (TX-16), Lauren Underwood (IL-14), and Lori Trahan (MA-3) for a press conference at the House Democrats’ 2024 Issues Conference, where they underscored the urgency of the fight for reproductive freedom and House Democrats' commitment to restoring abortion rights for all Americans. Below is a transcript of her remarks: 

“Good morning everyone. Welcome to Day Two. The theme of this week’s conference is ‘Finishing the Job.’ And we’re using this time to strategize around the work that remains ahead of us: building on the success of President Biden’s first three years in office and tackling those critical challenges for families at home. And there’s no issue more pressing than the fight for reproductive freedom.

“Wherever we travel across the country, whoever we talk to, abortion is top of mind for our constituents and for voters. Millions of people are suffering under the brutality of MAGA abortion bans. And those in states that still have protected abortion access are scared of the GOP's march to a national abortion ban.

“So, let’s be clear about who the Republicans are and the threat they pose. Their leader and presumptive presidential nominee says he’s proud to have ‘terminated’ Roe v. Wade. Their Speaker has compared a woman’s reproductive health care to the Holocaust. 

“From their leadership to the rank and file, the Republican Party has one goal: a nationwide ban on abortion. This is the pivotal issue of 2024. It is the fight that will determine the trajectory of the next four years and the next four decades.

“This is not a so-called women’s issue. This is not a culture war issue. This is an economic issue. It's an issue of equity and justice. It is about sovereignty over your own body. It’s a fight for freedom itself. It’s about having control over one's life and that most personal decision about whether and when to have a child. Democrats stand strongly with the American people, who overwhelmingly support safe access to abortion care.

“And it's not just blue states. Nearly 80 percent of Texans oppose a ban on abortion. Ohio voted by a 13 point landslide to protect abortion. And recently, 150,000 Florida Republicans have signed a ballot petition to do the same. In California and Vermont, in Michigan and Montana, in Kansas and Kentucky, Americans have voted for reproductive freedom every single time it has been on the ballot. 

“Because Americans understand this decision should be between your family, your doctor, and your faith — and not made with politicians in Washington. 

“The stakes in 2024 are higher and clearer than they’ve ever been. A House Democratic Majority and a second Biden term would mean restoring abortion rights nationwide. Democrats would finish the job and restore reproductive freedom.

“Another MAGA Majority and Trump presidency would mean denying access to abortion in every zip code.

“So, we're not going to miss an opportunity to draw this contrast. To help us do that, I am so pleased this morning to be joined by three of my colleagues who are going to make that happen. These are the three Co-Chairs of our Democratic Policy & Communications Committee.

“First, we have Veronica Escobar of Texas, whose community knows firsthand the horrors of GOP abortion bans. Lauren Underwood of Illinois, a registered nurse and a leading voice in our Caucus and country on maternal health outcomes and the health of women and women of color. And last, but certainly not least, even though she took my title as the Tallest Woman in Congress, my fellow Bay Stater, our newest member of leadership, a steadfast champion for the rights of women and families: Lori Trahan.” 

Listen to Whip Clark's remarks HERE

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