WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Democratic Whip Katherine Clark (MA-5) appeared on CNN This Morning to discuss the removal of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Below are highlights from her interview:

On the Consequences of GOP Infighting:

“The whole speakership of Kevin McCarthy has been bad for America because he continues to choose extremism – to attack Social Security, to put abortion riders into every bill that comes before us, to not focus on lowering costs. His whole speakership was defined by unprincipled catering to the most extreme factions of the House.

“The seeds of the destruction of his speakership were planted by Kevin McCarthy when he created the rules around this Motion to Vacate himself and gave that authority to extremists.

“We hope more than anything that the lesson the GOP will take out of this is that bipartisanship is not a dirty word. Let's put the American people first again in the House of Representatives.”

On the Election of the Next Speaker:

“What we want is them to put forward a speaker who wants to do the job, not just hold the job. We stand ready to work with the speaker who is going to put the American people first.

“Look what we did in the 117th with the exact same thin majority. Infrastructure bill with bipartisan support. Bringing manufacturing back. Lowering the costs of health care. Gun safety legislation. Protecting the freedom and right to an abortion. That's what we were able to do. 

“We'll see who they put up, but we know that Hakeem Jeffries embodies what the American people are looking for from us in our House.”

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