A new interactive map details how the American Rescue Plan continues to deliver critical relief for Massachusetts businesses, children, and families.  

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Assistant Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Katherine Clark (MA-5) issued the following statement in celebration of the transformational impact of the American Rescue Plan Act across Massachusetts and the country. A new interactive map from the U.S. House Budget Committee displays the number of resources and people who have benefited from the law since it was enacted 500 days ago. 

“500 days ago, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan into law and set our nation’s recovery in motion,” said Assistant Speaker Clark. “The American Rescue Plan lowered energy and health care costs, got parents back to work and kids back to school, helped businesses to stay afloat, and laid the foundation for the greatest year of job creation in American history. This law proves what’s possible when we put the success of families over politics.”

In Massachusetts, the American Rescue Plan has saved lives and livelihoods: 

  • Lowered Every Day Costs for Families: The law helped approximately 57,000 people enroll in health insurance and cut the cost of health insurance by $804, on average, for people who receive health care through the ACA marketplace. It also provided $187.1 million to help low-income families afford energy and heating bills. 
  • Put Money Back in People’s Pockets: The law provided economic impact statements to 3,268,271 Bay Staters, totaling $7.3 billion to working families. It also provided expanded child tax credit cuts to the parents of 1,105,000 children, lifting 55,000 Americans out of poverty. 292,000 low-income Americans without children also benefited from an expanded earned income tax credit. 
  • Returned Children Safely to School: The law provided $1.8 billion for K-12 schools and $846.9 million for colleges and universities to help them reopen safely. 
  • Rescued Small Businesses: The law provided $992.9 million in aid to help small restaurants keep their doors open.