Budget bill expands annual child care and early education funding, provides critical health care to moms and toxic-exposed veterans, and includes legislation to fortify the peaceful transfer of power through the electoral vote counting process. 


It also funds 15 Community Projects in MA-5 to directly invest in local child care, health care, and climate resiliency programs.


WASHINGTON, DC - Today, Assistant Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Katherine Clark (MA-5) celebrated the passage of the FY23 funding package that defends democracy, invests in early education and care, and expands maternal, veterans’, and children’s health care services. As a member of the House Appropriations Committee, Assistant Speaker Clark secured the largest annual investment in early education and care to support providers and families, totaling $8 billion for the Child Care Development Block Grant (CCDBG) — a thirty percent boost above last year — and $12 billion for Head Start. The funding package also includes the Assistant Speaker’s legislation to expand maternal mental health screenings and legislation to clarify and fortify the Electoral Count Act process to protect against future threats to our democracy following January 6, 2021. 

“With bold investments in environmental justice, health care, and early education, this comprehensive funding package responds to the pressing needs of Americans while creating a greener and more vibrant tomorrow. In particular, the expanded child care and Head Start resources will help more parents find the care they need to support their families and allow our economy to thrive,” said Assistant Speaker Katherine Clark. “We are also shoring up democracy at home and abroad with reforms to the Electoral College certification process and support for Ukraine in its ongoing fight for peace and freedom.”

The spending package also includes funding for fifteen community projects in Massachusetts Fifth District. 

“Our local leaders know best where federal resources can make a difference, and I am proud to have partnered with them to bring home investments that will improve our climate resiliency and make life more affordable for Massachusetts families,” continued Assistant Speaker Clark.

Assistant Speaker Clark secured the following resources to support Americans: 

Children and Families

  • $8 billion for the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG), an increase of $1.9 billion over FY22. 
  • $12 billion for Head Start, an increase of $960 million over FY22 — includes $596 million for a cost of living adjustment for Head Start staff. 
  • 12,000 new housing choice vouchers for individuals and families experiencing homelessness — in addition to the 25,000 new vouchers added in FY22.
  • $52 million to rapidly rehouse survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking.
  • $700 million for Violence Against Women Act programs.


  • $540 million for IDEA Grants for Infants and Families to support early-intervention services for infants and toddlers with disabilities, an increase of $44 million over FY22.
  • $420 million for IDEA Preschool Grants to ensure special education and related services are available for young children ages 3 through 5, an increase of $10 million over FY22. 
  • $5 million for programs that help former gang-involved youth pursue higher education, an increase of $3.5 million over FY22.  
  • $7,395 for the maximum Pell Grant, an increase of $500 over FY22. 
  • $75 million for child care on college campuses, an increase of $10 million over FY22. 

Women’s Health and Rights

  • $10 million for the Screening and Treatment of Maternal Depression and Related Behavioral Disorders (MDRBD) Program, an increase of $3.5M over FY22.
  • $6 million for the Maternal Mental Health Hotline, an increase of $3M over FY22.
  • Passage of the Into the Light for Maternal Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders Act 
    • Reauthorizes and expands a key grant program to screen and treat maternal mental health and substance use disorders, nearly quadrupling funding to broaden support from 7 to 30 state programs.
    • Establishes a national 24/7 maternal mental health hotline to support pregnant or postpartum women and family members affected by conditions or substance use disorders.

Gun Prevention

  • $12.5 million for research into firearm safety and morbidity at the CDC.

Substance Use Disorders 

  • $40 million for the Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Recovery Loan Repayment Program (STAR LRP), a historic 67% increase of $16M over FY22.

Environmental Protections 

  • $83.2 million for Climate Adaptation Science Centers.
  • $140 million for research, development, and demonstration of carbon dioxide removal technologies.
  • $6 million for a Center of Excellence on Offshore Wind Energy.
  • $248.5 million for research, development, demonstration, and commercial activities on developing alternatives to, recycling of, and efficient production and use of critical minerals and materials. 

Massachusetts Fifth District Community Projects: 

  • Advocates Incorporated: $500,000
  • Boys & Girls Club of Stoneham Child Care Facility: $3,000,000
  • Cambridge Public Health Commission: $1,000,000
  • Carr Park Resilience Community Solar: $1,500,000 
  • Charles River Community Health Center: $247,000
  • Charles River Watershed Association, Tree Protection, and Planting Project: $115,000
  • Chris Walsh Memorial Trail: $3,000,000
  • City of Framingham, Lake Waushakum Clean Water Project: $1,700,000
  • City of Watertown, Stormwater Tree Trench Project: $ 240,000 
  • Grow in Revere Food Hub: $2,000,000
  • Hurld Park Construction: $2,916,370
  • Malden River Works Project: $1,334,610
  • Massachusetts Bay Community College: $400,000
  • Mystic River Path: $1,000,000 
  • Riverside Climate Resilience Project: $1,977,220

You can find more information on the House Democrat’s FY23 Appropriations package here

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