On February 15, 2017, Congresswoman Katherine Clark released the following statement:

"It is deeply disturbing that General Flynn’s resignation as Trump’s national security advisor was motivated not by a serious breach of national security, but rather by the public’s discovery of secret talks with the Russians about U.S. sanctions. We have learned that several weeks have passed since the Department of Justice briefed Trump on the matter, and yet no action was taken by the Administration until the content of the discussion with the Russians became public. The Wh
ite House continues to conceal Trump’s tax returns, dismiss his numerous conflicts of interest, and evade questions about Russian interference in our elections. American families need assurance that the President is working for them and our nation's best interests. New revelations about the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russia reinforce the need for an immediate independent investigation into Trump’s relationship with Russia, his conflicts of interest, and how all of these breaches could affect the safety and security of Americans."