Clark: Lawmakers lining pockets with gun lobby cash have blood on their hands

Washington, D.C. --  Congresswoman Katherine Clark issued this statement following the mass shooting in Las Vegas:

“I cannot adequately express my despair over the senseless terror and loss in Las Vegas. We stand together in support of Las Vegas and all who were affected by this horror.

“This tragedy is still unfolding, but we know that, once again, a public gathering has been transformed into a deadly massacre. Each time it has happened, whether it's Sandy Hook, Charleston, or the Pulse Nightclub, Congress has refused to act on families' desperate pleas for action. Families at home did not send us to Washington for our thoughts and prayers. We need to act on the numerous common sense proposals that could help prevent tragedies like this one, the mass shootings that have occurred across our country, and the gun violence that terrorizes our communities every day.

“America is strong enough to have a conversation about ending gun violence, and families deserve a debate and a vote on measures that could save lives. But unfortunately, it’s almost certain that there will be no vote. The so-called leaders with the power to schedule that vote are too busy lining their pockets with cash from the gun lobby to notice the blood on their hands.”