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Child care is fundamental to our families and our economy. The U.S. child care industry supports more than $99 billion in total economic activity. In addition to its valuable role to our economy, access to child care enables parents to provide for their families and women to enter and stay in the workforce. Child care is also central to the development and future success of our children. Simply put, child care is essential. 

But despite the vital role it plays in our communities and economy, child care in the U.S. has long been underfunded and undervalued, and this has only been exacerbated by the pandemic. 

Now, the child care sector is at a breaking point, and we cannot afford to let it fall through the cracks. The House of Representatives has taken a stand on behalf of working families by passing the Child Care is Essential Act and the Child Care for Economic Recovery Act, which will stabilize the child care sector with $50 billion, helping providers renovate their facilities, and lower the cost of care for families. 

But now, these bills are stuck in the Senate and we must demand immediate funding for child care.

Join Congresswoman Katherine Clark by signing your name as a citizen co-signer and demand an investment in child care now. This is the moment for us to re-envision and restructure this vital sector of our economy. Let’s lift up child care together by calling for action today!

How to Help #SaveChildCare

Step 1: Join the call for child care funding by co-signing the Citizen Petition

Step 2: Post your support online with downloadable #SaveChildCare graphics

Step 3: Tell all your friends!

1: Become a Citizen Co-Signer

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3: Share your graphic on social media and tell your friends why you support child care. Don't forget to use #SaveChildCare!

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