WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Democratic Whip Katherine Clark released the following statement on the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade:

“Fifty years ago today, Roe v. Wade delivered a landmark victory for reproductive freedom in America. The right for women to decide if and when to have children — in accordance with their own family, health, and faith — was a vital step in America’s journey toward liberty and justice for all. 

“By repealing Roe, the Supreme Court’s right-wing majority upended that progress, dismantling a Constitutional right that most Americans have never lived without. Republican attacks on reproductive rights have sold out the American people in service of a dark vision: a country where freedom is reserved for a privileged few. 
“Abortion is now unavailable in fourteen states. These laws have subjected nearly 18 million women to barbaric health care restrictions while threatening doctors with criminal charges for simply doing their jobs. Every day, these laws are forcing Americans through senseless, preventable anguish. 
“Yet Republicans are still doubling down on their crusade against freedom. Within days of gaveling in the new Congress, the House GOP passed two senseless anti-abortion bills. And now, they have introduced legislation to impose a nationwide abortion ban.
“House Democrats believe in liberty, not oppression. We believe in progress for all, not power for a few. That’s why we voted to enshrine Roe into federal law and to codify the right to use birth control. We will continue fighting to advance reproductive justice and defend the health, economic security, and freedom of the American people."

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