Clark Statement on Republican Immigration Bill

Washington, D.C – Congresswoman Katherine Clark released the following statement regarding a Republican bill to block President Obama’s executive action on immigration:

“Over 500 days ago, the Senate passed bipartisan legislation to fix our broken immigration system. House Republican leadership has refused to allow a vote on this legislation, despite broad agreement that immigration reform is urgently needed to prevent families from being torn apart, to protect workers from exploitation, and to protect victims of assault and domestic violence. Instead, today House Republicans approved radical legislation to prohibit President Obama from exercising his constitutional authority. This bill, once again, needlessly targets America’s DREAMers - young people who were brought to this country as children. This is another mean-spirited, dilatory tactic that underscores the Republican Caucus’ failure to come together and act on immigration and add billions to our economy.

“I voted against this bill today because it in no way addresses the problems with our immigration system and only demonstrates the continued failure of Republican leadership to address the challenges that face our country.

“The President’s actions are an important step for many families in our country, albeit a temporary and limited one. Republican action is long overdue, and I will continue to push for comprehensive immigration reform to strengthen our economy, public safety, and families.”