WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Democratic Whip Katherine Clark (MA-5) appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to highlight the contrast between Republicans’ extreme agenda and Democrats’ commitment to growing the economy by growing the middle class – especially by lowering costs and expanding veterans’ health care. Below are excerpts from her interview:

On Republicans’ Extreme Politics Over People Agenda:

“The circus has come to town with the House GOP. And what's dangerous about this is that the American people and their needs are not part of their agenda. And they want to focus on this political theater. They are so wrapped up in their own, you know, salaciousness that they have totally lost the thread: that what they're here to do is find solutions for the American people.

“And they don't want to talk about that. With the Biden Administration and Democrats in Congress, we have been able to grow the economy by growing the middle class. We've been able to reduce health care costs. Just look at one year ago, we capped insulin at $35 a month. There wasn't a single Republican vote because their focus is on this chaos. And it is not what the American people need.

“But we're going to keep doing our jobs. We're going to keep focusing on the solutions that matter, whether that's reducing the costs of health care, groceries, gasoline, or whether that is making sure that we are addressing climate change as most of this country is suffering from an incredible heat wave and making sure that we have the energy and the renewable energy to meet those demands. Gun violence. They don't want to talk about it, but they put a bill on the Floor this week that was a completely manufactured crisis about migrants in schools. Let's talk about how we keep families safe at home. Let's put the focus back on the American family and stop this theater.”

On Democrats' Lowering Costs for Families:

“Bidenomics is working, and that is the great news for the American people. And listen, we are recovering from dual shocks: the pandemic and then Russia's invasion of Ukraine. That is going to take time for the American people to be able to trust that what they are seeing is actually happening. And what we are seeing is great news: 13 million jobs created, 800,000 jobs in manufacturing brought back to our shores, and to places that feel like they've been overlooked by the past administration and for decades in some cases.

“We are seeing right now that wages, for the first time as inflation continues to fall, are outpacing that – the costs that have increased. That's great news – and that's going to be reflected in polls and public sentiment. But I can tell you, as I travel the country, in my district, people are feeling that optimism. They are feeling that – the attention that Joe Biden has put into growing the middle class, making sure there are great paying jobs and lowering costs and just capping insulins, just one example.

“We were able, almost a year ago, to extend benefits for veterans under the PACT Act and make sure that they have the health care that they need. It is so critical to addressing those exposed to toxins. What did we see in the GOP in the House? Just a few months ago, they defunded those trust funds that we established to make sure that that health care was going to be available to our veterans.

“So, Bidenomics is good for the American people. It is good for growing our economy. And the metrics are coming in to show that it is working.”

To view the full interview, click HERE.

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