Clark Commends Governor Patrick Plan to Combat Opioid Addiction, Continues Work to End Epidemic

MALDEN, MA -- Today, Congresswoman Katherine Clark commended Governor Deval Patrick for his actions to immediately address the epidemic of opioid addiction. Patrick’s plan implements a multipronged approach to permit lifesaving medications for victims of overdose, prohibit dispensation of certain prescription painkillers, mandate prescription monitoring, and divert non-criminal defendants into treatment programs.

Earlier this month, Clark led an effort urging Attorney General Holder to federally expand a successful treatment pilot program implemented in Massachusetts correction facilities. The treatment combines counseling with abstinence medication to rehabilitate inmates suffering from opioid addiction. Additionally, Clark joined with members of the Massachusetts delegation to push for a federal prohibition of certain forms of the prescription drug commonly known as Zohydro, a narcotic painkillerwith a high possibility for addiction.

“I thank Governor Patrick for his actions to immediately address this devastating epidemic,” said Clark. “I look forward to continuing partnerships with our Congressional delegation, Governor Patrick’s administration and all officials, local and federal, who must work together to bring an end this plight in our communities.”