WASHINGTON, D.C. — Democratic Whip Katherine Clark (MA-5) released the below statement following President Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address:

“Tonight, President Biden delivered a message of progress and possibility. He highlighted the sweeping achievements of the last three years: a historic economic recovery, once-in-a-generation investments in America’s infrastructure, a manufacturing renaissance, lower energy bills, and an unprecedented victory over Big Pharma. In celebrating all that we have accomplished, he also laid out the work that remains ahead.

“President Biden envisions a future where everyone is guaranteed safety, dignity, and a fair shot at success. Where women’s reproductive freedom is never in doubt. Where corporations pay their fair share in taxes. Where working families can afford quality health care, housing, and child care — and still have enough to save for the future. 

“This vision stands in stark contrast to the agenda espoused by extreme MAGA Republicans. Instead of working with President Biden and Congressional Democrats, the GOP has said no to standing with our allies, no to securing our borders, and no to growing our economy by growing the middle class.

“As President Biden made clear, Democrats will partner in good faith with those ready to deliver on the priorities of the American people. And we will stand forcefully against those Republican extremists who would rather pull us toward a future of autocracy.”

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