Clark on Sexual Harassment Legislation in U.S. House

Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Katherine Clark issued the following statement:

“I supported today’s bill to make sexual harassment training mandatory for Members of Congress and their staff. But we must be clear: this is only a small step to address a culture in which powerful people too often feel free to harass the less powerful, and survivors are left with little to no recourse. We not only owe a debt of gratitude to those survivors of sexual harassment and abuse who have bravely come forward, we owe them real cultural change that prevents abuse from happening in the first place and empowers victims to seek recourse when it does. Here in Congress, victims should have a clear path to report misconduct, the accused should comply with a swift and thorough investigation, and if allegations are proven true – as they are in a vast majority of cases – the member should resign. Our country is strong enough to have a conversation about the full spectrum of sexual harassment and abuse, and it is our responsibility as elected officials to set the tone.”