REVERE, MA – Democratic Whip Katherine Clark (MA-5) released the following statement to mark the beginning of Pride Month:

“Pride is a celebration of the expression, culture, achievement, and joy made possible by generations of courageous LGBTQI+ Americans. We honor those trailblazers who have fought for equality and freedom. Their stories remind us that justice is won through solidarity – by joining together to defend the safety, dignity, and liberty of every person.

“In celebrating the progress our country has made toward true equality, we also recognize that the forces of hate are still intent on dragging us backward. This year alone, right-wing extremists nationwide have introduced more than 600 bills aiming to silence and erase LGBTQI+ voices.

“Disgusted by this vile bigotry, House Democrats are proud to fight alongside our LGBTQI+ neighbors, friends, and loved ones as they advance the flame of liberation sparked at Stonewall half a century ago. We stand together – this month and always."

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