Armenian Genocide Resolution Cosponsored and Supported by Clark Passes the U.S. House

Clark speaks on House floor in support of resolution to formally recognize the Armenian Genocide 

October 29, 2019- Washington, D.C. – Today, Vice Chair of the Democratic Caucus Katherine Clark (MA-5) voted to pass H.Res. 296, a resolution to formally recognize the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923.

Clark, a cosponsor of the resolution, spoke on the floor of the House of Representatives about the importance of the resolution. Click the image below or here to watch.  

“If you do not recognize the darkest pages of history, you will never fully learn the lessons that it holds,” said Congresswoman Clark. “Today, I am proud to stand with my constituents from Watertown, a thriving Armenian-American community, and support this critical resolution that recognizes the Armenian genocide.”

More than 100 years ago, an estimated 1.5 million Armenians were massacred by the Ottoman Empire, and yet, despite the overwhelming consensus of historians and scholars and the stories of survivors, there are those who deny the fact that this was a genocide. H.Res. 296 formalizes the United States’ national recognition of the genocide.