WASHINGTON, D.C. — Last night, Democratic Whip Katherine Clark (MA-5) appeared on CNN’s The Source with Kaitlan Collins to discuss the discharge petition House Democrats have filed for the Right to Contraception Act, a continuation of their efforts to protect reproductive health care from extreme MAGA Republican attacks. Below are excerpts from her interview: 

On whether the Right to Contraception Act could be brought to the Floor: 

“I think that is going to be totally up to the Republicans. And I did agree with one of the senator's comments there. This is a show. This is a show me where you stand. Do you stand with freedom? With American women? Or do you stand with extremism? 

“What we're doing in the House by trying to force this vote — by collecting 218 signatures to bring it to the Floor for a vote — is to show the American people where [Republicans] stand.

“What we have seen time and time again is the Republicans, the House GOP, the Republican Party overall, caters to extremism. 

“We’re saying the American people deserve to know: Are you going to stand with access to full reproductive health care? Are you going to say no to what we are witnessing in states like Texas? Where women who have had miscarriages are being denied care? Having their lives threatened? Undergoing sepsis and infections that are life threatening and can leave lasting infertility and disability?”

On whether there is Republican  support for the discharge petition:

“They say lots of things. When they go home. They'll say things in private conversations. What matters is how they're going to vote. 

“And what we've seen so far this week is we've had zero Republicans sign this procedural tool to bring a vote. So you can say what you want, but when we come to Congress, it's your vote that matters. 

“And time and time again they show their fidelity to Donald Trump. They come to New York [and] they wear matching outfits to show that they stand with him no matter what. 

“We're seeing American women and families say, ‘We want to make these decisions about if and when and how to have children, not politicians in Washington.’ Americans understand, as I travel the country, this is about fundamental freedom.”

On Governor Glenn Youngkin’s claim that reproductive freedom is ‘just a talking point’:

“Is that how he views women's health care in this country? That it's merely a talking point? 

“We are almost two years, this month, from the Dobbs decision that set women back 50 years in their right to access health care — to make their own decisions.

“So you bet I want to put Republicans on record. The American people deserve to know where they stand. 

“Every day, they march towards a nationwide abortion ban. There won't be safe states because they have a plan. They are writing it down. They say it. And contraception, fertility treatments are part of this plan. This is about control. It is about extremism. And to have the governor of the state of Virginia say that somehow this is just a political stunt is insulting to every single woman in this country.”

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