WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Democratic Whip Katherine Clark (MA-5) took to the House Floor to mark the first anniversary of the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas, mourn the thousands of Americans shot and killed in the year since, and demand that Republicans join Democrats to save lives from gun violence. Below is a transcript of her remarks: 

“Mr. Speaker. One year ago today, the American people were reeling from a white supremacist terror attack in Buffalo, New York. Families were grieving 10 Black Americans who had been targeted by an ethno-nationalist and murdered for the color of their skin. Loved ones were still organizing funerals for the victims of America’s latest mass shooting. And then, we saw the breaking news from Uvalde, Texas. Another act of mass murder. Another crowd of desperate, panicked parents surrounding a school under siege. Another statistic: 21 shot and killed.

“One year later, I rise in mourning. I mourn the souls taken from their families in Buffalo. I mourn the children and teachers murdered in Uvalde. I mourn the thousands of Americans who have been shot to death in the year since.

“Mr. Speaker, allow me to share the stories of just a few of those Americans stolen away in the last year. Stories from all walks of life. From every corner of this country. Stories that were all cut short by weapons of war

“Uziyah Garcia’s friends said he was ‘the fastest kid in fourth grade.’ He was obsessed with Fortnite. When he grew up, he wanted to be a police officer, so he could help people. At 10 years old, he was shot to death in his classroom with an AR-15.

“Pearl Young was a substitute teacher for the Buffalo Public Schools. She ran her church’s food pantry. She was the grandmother of ten and the great-grandmother of seven. She was murdered while shopping for groceries – with an AR-15.

“Aiden McCarthy’s parents had planned a fun 4th of July – taking him to the annual parade in Highland Park, Illinois. At two years old, both of Aiden’s parents were murdered in front of him – with an AR-15.

“Juliana Farmer had just moved to Louisville to start a new job. On Easter Sunday, she found out that she was about to become the grandmother of a baby girl. The next day, she went to work, where she was shot to death – with an AR-15.

“Daniela Mendoza was on the cusp of finishing 4th grade. She loved math, and her goal was  to go to Texas A&M. Meanwhile, her sister Sofia was busy memorizing lines for the lead role in her class play. She wanted to go to college too – and then her dream was to go on and win an Oscar. Daniela and Sofia were both murdered in front of their mother, while shopping in a mall – with an AR-15.

“Mr. Speaker, this bloodshed is a choice. To my colleagues, have mercy on this country. If you care about public safety, let’s vote to get these tools of carnage out of dangerous hands. Let’s turn our thoughts and prayers into actions and solutions. If you really care, let’s put an end to this daily calamity.”

To watch the full speech, click HERE.

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