MALDEN, MA — Today, Democratic Whip Katherine Clark (MA-5) joined Governor Maura Healey, Lieutenant Governor Kim Driscoll, and members of their Administration to announce a groundbreaking new child care affordability initiative: the Gateway to Pre-K Agenda. Below is a transcript of her remarks:

“What an absolute privilege to be here. I want to thank again Mayor Christenson for being such a gracious host here in Malden. We acknowledged many in the room, but I also want to acknowledge that we have many Malden City Councilors and School Committee Members here. Thank you for joining us for this critical announcement. 

“To the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Dr. Secretary — and really the entire Administration that is represented here — this is a momentous day. It is a vision that is centered around everyone in the front row and building a future here in the Commonwealth that is worthy of them. We are so grateful for you taking this major step forward in our fight to make sure that every family can provide their kids with a quality early education. We’re fighting for a Commonwealth and a country where education is honored, prioritized, and funded like the economic infrastructure that it is.

“For years, child care and early education has been viewed as an accessory. A private decision between families and a provider. A nice-to-have. But not a basic necessity. It took a global pandemic to show everyone what so many in this room already knew: that child care makes all other work possible. That it empowers not only kids to learn but parents to thrive and our business community to grow. That it is central to the success of our entire economy. And we are so grateful to have a Governor who recognizes these basic truths.

“During COVID, Democrats delivered a Rescue Plan that kept millions of kids in their classrooms — including more than 200,000 children here in Massachusetts. It got parents back to work and kept businesses afloat. We proved what is possible when you invest in early education. The pandemic changed the way our country thinks about early education and care. And with leaders like Governor Healey, we are refusing to go back to the status quo. 

“The Healey-Driscoll Administration’s plan means more children in classrooms. More help for working families. More opportunity and prosperity for Massachusetts. And I promise you that we are not going to let up in Washington. We will enact further investments to go even farther.

“I am proud to call all of you partners in this fight for affordable, accessible, quality child care. Congratulations on this major win for our kids, families, and caregivers. It is now my privilege to introduce a champion for child care, our Lieutenant Governor Driscoll.”

Photos of today’s event can be found HERE. To view the full event, click HERE.

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