Congresswoman Katherine Clark issued the following statement regarding SXSW's decision to reinstate formerly cancelled panels to address online harassment and threats. On Friday, SXSW announced the addition of a day-long summit to examine this topic. Scheduled on Saturday, March 12, the Online Harassment Summit will take place at SXSW 2016.

“Online harassment isn’t just a virtual problem, and the decision earlier this week by SXSW to cancel a panel on the topic was a glaring example. I am grateful to the thousands of people who spoke out against this ill-advised decision. Their collective effort to stand up for those who are bullied, marginalized and threatened online has done more to raise awareness about this issue than one panel ever could. I’m also grateful that SXSW listened to our concerns and took immediate action to correct their course. I am encouraged by their decision to dedicate a full day to combat online harassment. I am proud to join such a distinguished list of speakers and thank SXSW for their willingness to listen and for taking a role in keeping the internet open to everyone.”