Clark: Republican gun bill is a cynical bait and switch

Washington, D.C. – Today, Congresswoman Katherine Clark blasted House Republicans’ latest political maneuver to obstruct meaningful bipartisan gun violence legislation supported by the vast majority of Americans. Democrats have repeatedly urged Speaker Ryan to allow a debate and votes on expanding background checks for firearms sales and closing the terrorist gun loophole that allows suspected terrorists to purchase firearms. Speaker Ryan announced that the House will instead consider NRA backed legislation that does not address background checks and does not close the terrorist gun loophole. Clark criticized Republicans’ obstruction, stating:                     

“The American people have been clear: they are demanding a vote to keep American families safe from gun violence. When the Speaker announced a vote this week on gun violence, the American people hoped this would be a vote for families and children; a vote to honor victims and survivors of senseless gun violence; and a vote to keep Americans safe from harm and terror. Instead, Speaker Ryan has given American families a cynical bait and switch.                   

“The bill we have in front of us is a vote for powerful special interests; a vote to honor millions of dollars of the NRA’s campaign spending; and a vote for a bill that does nothing to keep Americans safe from harm. This is a bill backed by the heavy handed gun lobby that ensures it’s easier for a suspected terrorist to buy an assault rifle than get on a plane.”

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Reports show that greater than 90 percent of Americans support expanded background checks for firearms sales, and 85 percent support closing the terrorist gun loophole.