Congressmembers unveil virtual thank you card for health care providers & essential workers; invite public to submit photo and video messages of appreciation

APRIL 14, 2020- MASSACHUSETTS- Today, Congressmembers Katherine Clark (MA-5) and Joe Kennedy III (MA-4) launched “A Massachusetts Thank You” – a virtual thank you card for health care providers and essential workers on the frontline of COVID-19.

In a video, the lawmakers released an online form to collect thank you messages from the public, which they will assemble into a virtual card to be shared with local hospitals, health care centers, nursing homes, grocery stores, public transit, and other organizations that are performing essential work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They also encouraged the public to share their videos on social media using the hashtag #MAthanks.

“We are so grateful for those workers who are risking their own health and sacrificing time with their families”, said the House members. “They are doing everything they can to ensure that the rest of us are able to get through this extraordinary period in our lives with a semblance of clarity, certainty, reliability and with a little bit of grace, all because these people are willing to bear this burden for the rest of us. So, we want to take this opportunity to thank them. To show them how very grateful we are for all they are doing and sacrificing. And we hope you’ll join us.”

The Congressmembers launched the campaign through an online video message (insert link). The online form is open to the public and will be accepting submission until Friday, April 19, 2020.