Clark Blasts Supreme Court Campaign Finance Decision, Outlines Measures Reducing Influence of Money in Politics


Washington, D.C. -- Today, Congresswoman Katherine Clark announced a series of campaign finance reforms she has co-sponsored. Clark is urging a vote on constitutional amendments (H.J. Res 20, 21), that overturn Citizens United and give Congress the power to regulate campaign finance. Clark has also co-sponsored legislation that sheds light on dark political money, encourages grassroots participation, and regulates campaign spending.

“This is a government of ‘We the People’,” said Clark. “Today’s Supreme Court decision injects even more money into politics. It undermines the basic promise that every American should have an equal voice in government, not despite our circumstance, but because of it. Congress must pass common sense campaign finance reforms to ensure that ordinary families do not take a back seat to the rich and powerful.”