BOSTON (SHNS) – U.S. Sen. Edward Markey said Wednesday that Democrats are looking ahead to a “big, big bill” for infrastructure, climate, and jobs in the next few months, and he plans to push for the final package to be even larger than the $3 trillion economic plan the White House is reportedly assembling.

Markey repeatedly told the New England Council on Wednesday that the effort on infrastructure will be “big, big” and that it may require increases in the corporate tax rate from 21 percent or in taxes on the wealthy in order to create jobs, including offshore wind and other “good paying green union jobs.”

“We want a big big infrastructure bill that is passed this year because we know that we can save all of creation by engaging in massive job creation,” Markey said.

President Joe Biden’s economic team is reportedly assembling a multi-part jobs and infrastructure package that would invest in roads, bridges, ports and other traditional infrastructure, as well as climate and clean energy projects.

The second part of the package, according to some reports, could focus on education and ideas like free community college. U.S. Rep. Katherine Clark has said she hopes to use the infrastructure bill as a vehicle for her plan to invest $10 billion in child care facilities.


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