BOSTON (CBS) — As Congress plans to move forward with impeachment, Rep. Katherine Clark took the time to discuss her thoughts on the matter with WBZ-TV’s Jon Keller.

Clark has been supportive of impeachment since July, before the opinion was popular. Since the revelations about the Ukraine phone call, the public has swayed from opposing an impeachment to supporting it.

“I think what we have clearly on display, what the president has told us he’s done, is an abuse of power. It is using our national security, our state department for the president’s own political gain. That is something that strikes Americans as wrong,” Clark explained.

“People understand corruption, whether they are in a red state or a blue state.”

According to Clark, Trump has “betrayed his oath of office…I think it’s one phrase: ‘can you do me a favor, though.’ It is in that call.”

Clark said while Trump has done a number of questionable actions that Democrats have tried to look into, this will be different because an impeachment inquiry has been opened. It gives them “more leverage and when there isn’t compliance with subpoenas from Congress — as a co-equal branch of government, which this president tends to forget– we have the power of bringing an article of impeachment for obstruction.”

The Be Heard Act is legislation Clark has helped create to protect workers from harassment.

“It includes extending the statute of limitations so that people have time to be able to bring their claims without fear of getting fired, not having an ability to support their families. It gets rid of the tip minimum wage that we see being used as an exploitive and manipulative tool. We want to give, through the power of law, the protections that every worker deserves, to go to a workplace and be treated with dignity,” she explained.

It will also have resources for small businesses.


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