Several House Democrats called for President Donald Trump to be impeached afterhis supporters rioted and stormed the United States Capitol Building, saying that the president "incited violence."

After the pro-Trump rioters breached the Capitol while Congress was counting Electoral Votes, Vice President Mike Pence had to be swept to a secure location, and the Senate chamber evacuated.

Lawmakers, staff members, reporters and others on Capitol Hill were forced to shelter-in-place for hours as the rioters forced their ways onto the Senate floor, and into the office of lawmakers.

In social media posts later removed by Twitter and Facebook, Trump told the rioters "we love you" but asked them to "stay peaceful,'' and taped a video urging them to go home while referring to "a fraudulent election'' that "was stolen from us.''

...Rep. Katherine Clark, D-Mass., who is serves in the Democratic leadership as assistant speaker, said Trump "must be removed from office and prevented from further endangering our country and our people"

...The [25th] amendment, ratified in 1967, created a legal mechanism for designating a head of state when the president is disabled or dead. Pence and the Cabinet could declare Trump “unable” to serve.


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