With negotiations between UPS and the Teamsters halted, the union is poised to begin the largest single-employer strike in American history Aug. 1.

Both UPS and the Teamsters say the other group walked away from negotiations around 4 a.m. on July 5.

The current contract runs until midnight July 31. Even if a contract agreement is reached before the deadline, it will still take time for the national union to vote on and ratify a contract and the union has said it will not work past July 31 without a fully-ratified contract.

A strike could disrupt supply chains nationwide. According to UPS, the company transports more than 3% of the global Gross Domestic Product (GPD) and roughly 6% of the United States GDP every day.

But the Teamsters aren't only an economic force in the U.S. — they are important politically. The union regularly endorses candidates for elections at state and federal levels. The Teamsters' political action committee, Democratic, Republican, Independent Voter Education (DRIVE), spent $14.39 million during the 2022 election cycle, according to public records.

As a potential strike looms, dozens of politicians have voiced support for the Teamsters on social media, with some visiting practice picket lines across the country.

Here's a look at what politicians are saying about the situation:

Gov. Andy Beshear

"In Kentucky, we have 14,619 @Teamsters members that work hard every day at UPS to provide for their families. Good wages and healthcare are not only what these hard working Kentuckians have earned and deserve, but it also will help grow and drive our economy for years to come," Beshear, a Democrat, tweeted.

Rep. Morgan McGarvey

"I stand in solidarity with 340,000 hardworking #UPSTeamsters who are taking an important stand for workers rights & working families. They deserve a fair contract with good wages, safe working conditions & better healthcare & retirement benefits. When our workers win, we all win," McGarvey, a Democrat, tweeted.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

"This city has your back, this country has your back, everyday people have your back, because you're not just fighting for yourselves. You are fighting to raise the standard for all working people in this country," Ocasio-Cortez said in a speech to UPS workers.

Sen. Bernie Sanders

"If UPS can spend over $8.4 billion on stock buybacks and dividends this year, it can afford to provide better wages, benefits, and working conditions to its employees," Sanders, an Independent, tweeted.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi

"Unions are the backbone of our middle class and America's working families. I proudly stand with the 340,000 @Teamsters at UPS who are exercising their right to organize. Their tireless work keeps our economy moving — and they deserve dignity, respect and a fair contract," Pelosi, a Democrat, tweeted.

Rep. Max Miller

"Both @UPS & @Teamsters are invaluable to America’s Economic Security. #UPSTeamsters deserve a fair contract. Both sides should continue to negotiate in good faith. This is not a time for government interference," Miller, a Republican, tweeted.

Rep. Katherine Clark

"@UPS @Teamsters work tirelessly to deliver for families and keep our economy moving forward. They deserve safe conditions, affordable benefits, and a fair contract. Let’s come together and secure a deal that supports workers and the services families rely on," Clark, a Democrat, tweeted.

Rep. Greg Landsman

"Standing with the hundreds of thousands of UPS @Teamsters who are fighting for what we want for all workers: better wages and a better life," Landsman, a Democrat, tweeted.

Rep. Marc Molinaro

"I’m grateful to the UPS @teamsters for their hard work and dedication. They deserve a fair contract and thanks for being there to deliver for us," Molinaro, a Republican, tweeted.

Brad Lander

"This morning I joined @804_local’s practice strike in Maspeth. Workers generated $13 billion in profits for @UPS last year. It's in the best interest of the company to #PayUp the wages and benefits that UPS @Teamsters are rightly demanding," Lander, New York City's comptroller and a Democrat, tweeted.

Rep. Jamaal Bowman

"Proud to join UPS @teamsters in Mount Vernon to demand a fair contract, and otherwise they're ready to shut it down. Let's go!!" Bowman, a Democrat, tweeted.


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