The White House is gearing up for its next big economic shift.

Shortly after approving his $ 1.9 trillion Covid-19 aid package, President Joe Biden is preparing to reveal his “Build Back Better” plan Wednesday during a public address in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The White House discussed an infrastructure package of about $ 3 trillion in a call last week with Senate Democrats, but the price and final details are still up for discussion, a person familiar with the plan told Vox.

Those close to the Biden White House underscore that this is a key part of the president's agenda and his goal to steer the US economy toward clean energy and manufacturing. Biden and Democrats see an infrastructure package as the best way to address climate change and bring the country to net zero electricity emissions by 2035, installing more electric vehicle charging stations on the country's roads, modernizing the power grid. and encouraging more wind and solar projects. It could be financed, at least in part, by higher taxes for the wealthiest Americans and corporations.

…The White House is likely to take a little longer to publish its blueprint for an infrastructure plan, and lawmakers are beginning a two-week recess. But there are many infrastructure bills floating in Congress that the Biden administration could incorporate.

…On the community infrastructure side, House Education and Labor Committee Chairman Bobby Scott (D-VA) has a school infrastructure bill to repair toxic and old school buildings, particularly in communities poorer and neglected. And House Vice Speaker Katherine Clark (D-MA) has a “Child Care is Infrastructure” bill that would authorize $ 10 billion over five years to invest in child care infrastructure in the US. USA

"The Biden administration understands this and has made the care schedule one of its top priorities," Clark told Vox in a recent interview.

…Biden and the Democrats in Congress have months of strategic decisions ahead of them. The decisions they make, whether or not to work with Republicans, split the pack or keep it as one, how much to indulge lawmakers' pet projects through appropriations, will shape a crucial piece of Biden's legacy.


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