Congresswoman Katherine Clark released the below statement on the Nagorno Karabakh Peace Deal:

“My thoughts are with Armenians around the world during this difficult time. I too am devastated by the unjust terms of the ceasefire agreement forced upon the people of Armenia and Artsakh by Russia, Turkey, and Azerbaijan.

Under these terms thousands of Armenians would be displaced, the long-term security of Artsakh would be denied, and Azerbaijan’s unrepentant aggression against Armenians would be rewarded.

The Trump administration should have used all diplomatic means at its disposal to meaningfully condemn Azerbaijani and Turkish human rights abusers, put an end to the hostilities, and bring about a return to peaceful negotiations.

This failure of American leadership is unacceptable. Our inaction has put many lives at risk and jeopardized the path to peace. The United States must now reengage on negotiations for a lasting and fair settlement through the OSCE Minsk Group that allows for all displaced Armenians to safely return to their homes.

It is my hope that the next administration will do more to end U.S. military assistance to Azerbaijan, hold Turkey to account for its involvement in the conflict, and support the people of Artsakh’s right to self-determination.”


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