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Our nation is strengthened by the tapestry of origin stories that make up the American experience. Our immigration system should reflect that proud tradition. 

I’m fighting for policies that will improve our border security while honoring the humanity of those seeking to build their future in the United States. That means fixing our broken, overwhelmed immigration system and forging a pathway to citizenship for undocumented Americans.

Especially urgent is ensuring that our Dreamers’ legal status finally aligns with the truth: that they are Americans in every way that matters. That’s why Democrats proudly passed the American Dream and Promise Act out of the House — standing up for the secure future that DACA and TPS recipients deserve. We also passed the Farm Workforce Modernization Act to bring migrant workers out of the shadows and meet the job demands of our rural industries.

Outraged by Donald Trump’s despicable Muslim Ban, House Democrats also passed the NO BAN Act — legislation that would bar any future president from injecting religious prejudice into our country’s immigration policies.

I’ve also proudly supported significant federal investments to improve our legal immigration system while strengthening our border. 

Amid a rising tide of right-wing, xenophobic rhetoric, I remain committed to ensuring the United States remains a welcoming beacon of opportunity — especially for those seeking refuge from danger.

Rep. Clark poses for a picture with a constituent in front of a podium that reads Dream and Promise Act. Rep. Clark poses for a picture with a group of immigrants at her Washington D.C. office. Rep. Clark poses for a picture with a young woman while they both attend an event for a nonprofit that helps immigrants in Boston. Rep. Clark speaks with a health care provider, who is wearing a hijab, at a vaccine drive in Revere.