WASHINGTON, D.C. – Recently, Democratic Whip Katherine Clark (MA-5) celebrated the passage of the FY2024 funding package that includes $13 million for 15 local community projects in the Fifth District. These projects were selected in collaboration with state and local leaders. 

“ These 13 projects will touch so many lives in our community,” said Democratic Whip Clark. “This federal funding will help clean our air and water, enable the construction of new community gathering spaces, and advance our work of building climate readiness and resiliency. I want to thank my partners in local and state government for helping me identify these critical priorities. This is how our elected leaders should operate: partnering together to deliver for families back home.” 

The MA-5 community funding projects included in the FY2024 funding package include: 

Sudbury Emergency Operations Center, Town of Sudbury: $500,000

This funding will be used to construct a new Emergency Operations Center. The project will create a cutting edge facility for conducting critical operations during an emergency in the area. 

“The Town of Sudbury is grateful to Congresswoman Clark’s advocacy on our behalf,” said Sudbury Town Manager Andrew Sheehan. “Our existing storm operations center is greatly outdated. These funds will enable us to modernize this facility and provide updated, safe, code-compliant space to efficiently and effectively deliver storm emergency response for residents.”

Lebanon and Sylvan Street Stormwater Management Project, City of Melrose: $1,000,000

This funding will be used to manage stormwater in vulnerable neighborhoods that run from Melrose into Malden. The project will address health and safety challenges posed by storms in the area. 

“The City of Melrose is deeply grateful for Congresswoman Clark’s leadership on the impact of climate change in MA-5,” said Melrose Mayor Jen Grigoraitis. “With the increasing intensity and frequency of rainstorms in our area, the Lebanon/Sylvan Street neighborhood that runs from Melrose into Malden experiences significant flooding, which impacts nearby homes, businesses, and resident access to mass transit. This substantial investment will enable Melrose to develop and execute strategic, climate-resilient solutions that will benefit current and future residents of our community. Thank you to Congresswoman Clark and her hardworking team for this support.”

Greater Malden Asian American Community Coalition (GMAACC), City of Malden: $1,000,000

The funding will be used to acquire and renovate an existing building to create a single and permanent home for an Asian American Community Center. The purchase of a location will increase access, improve capacity, and strengthen the programming that GMAAC is currently providing.

"The Greater Malden Asian American Community Coalition (GMAACC) and the larger AAPI community are beyond thrilled and deeply grateful for Whip Clark's foundational support towards the establishment of an Asian American Cultural and Community Center in Malden!" said GMAACC co-founder and board member Mai Du. "This federal funding is one giant step towards making the vision of a permanent home for AAPIs of all ages to have a communal space to gather, socialize, learn, volunteer, connect, and thrive as vibrant members of our collective community. In the midst of heightened anti-Asian hate and violence in the last fews years and throughout the pandemic, seen locally and nationally, Whip Clark's steadfast support and care in the many years has made us feel truly seen, heard, and respected. Her leadership and actions affirm our human dignity as important members of her district. We cannot thank her enough for her continual commitment to see the project through!"

Belmont Community Path, Town of Belmont: $1,000,000

The funding will be used by the Town of Belmont for the construction of a new pedestrian path. The project will address issues of pedestrian safety in the area. 

“The Town of Belmont is thrilled to receive a Community Project Funding award in support of the design of the Belmont Community Path Project – Phase 2,” said Town of Belmont Administrator Patrice Garvin. “Phase 2 of the Community Path will connect Phase 1 of the path with the Mass Central Rail Trail (MCRT) at the Waltham/Belmont municipal boundary providing an important link in the regional bikeway system. Belmont is deeply grateful for the support of Representative Clark and her hardworking team.”

Bruce Freeman Rail Trail, City of Framingham: $1,666,279

The funding will be used by the City of Framingham to complete a rail trail through Framingham, creating a 25-mile route from Lowell to Framingham — a non-motorized connection to public transit  including the Massport Logan Express, the Mass Bay Transportation Authority, and the MetroWest Regional Transit Authority.. 

“The purchase of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail land completed in 2023, was years in the making. I want to thank Minority Whip Katherine Clark for securing $1,666, 279 towards the design & construction of the rail trail. These funds will significantly advance the trail project. I am excited about collaborating further with Congresswoman Clark and our state and federal partners, as we work to move forward on this significant recreational and environmental investment for the future of our City,” said City of Framingham Mayor Charlie Sisitsky.“Once completed, the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail will link Lowell to Framingham through a 25-mile non-motorized path, positioning the City of Framingham as a hub for modes of public transportation, including Massport Logan Express, the MBTA Commuter Rail, and the MetroWest Regional Transit Authority. All of these efforts will contribute to boosting visitors and increasing economic development overall.”

Horn Pond Treatment Plant PFAS Removal Project, City of Woburn: $959,757

The funding will be used to add granular activated carbon (GAC) treatment to remove perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in drinking water at the Horn Pond Water Treatment Plant and is essential to complying with current Massachusetts Drinking Water Standards, meeting proposed EPA standards, and providing the public with a safe water supply. It also includes a control system and cybersecurity upgrades to strengthen the resiliency of critical drinking water infrastructure.

“Providing clean drinking water is an essential service for Woburn residents. We have made significant investments in designing a PFAS removal plant that will serve us now, and in the future. The $959,757 funding assistance provides much needed financial support to put our design into production. We are grateful for the advocacy of Democratic Whip Katherine Clark and Senator Edward Markey who have championed on behalf of Woburn to secure these funds,” said City of Woburn Mayor Mike Concannon.

EB Newton Center Health Department, City of Winthrop: $125,000

This project will renovate space in the EB Newton Center Building. This space, once renovated, will allow the community to tackle issues of health equity, mental health, and substance misuse.

“On behalf of the Town of Winthrop, I am excited and thankful for the funding Congresswoman Clark has secured for us in this year's CPF award, which just passed in the budget approved by the US House of Representatives. This funding will go to improving our EB Newton School by installing a new kitchen and other improvements that will be utilized by our Public Health Department and CLEAR team as they work to help people dealing with addiction and mental health issues,” said Winthrop Town Manager Anthony Marino.

Food for Free Equipment Upgrades, City of Cambridge: $375,300

The funding will be used by Food for Free to improve infrastructure across all aspects of their Heat-n-Eats program. The purchase of equipment for the organization will increase its capacity and strengthen food security in Eastern Massachusetts. 

"The Community Project Funding we will receive through Minority Whip Clark will allow us to invest in our Heat-n-Eats program which provides individual balanced meals to community college students, shelter guests and other vulnerable populations. Heat-n-Eats strengthens the food system by making it possible to distribute prepared food—a category of rescued food that is difficult to utilize and might otherwise end up in landfills—in a way that is extremely convenient for people who face barriers to cooking for themselves,” said Food For Free CEO Jessica Cantin.

Hegner Community Center, City of Medford: $850,000

The project will renovate an obsolete building to create a safe, accessible, and technologically advanced emergency facility for the community. Beyond providing a safe and accessible congregate space for the community, the project will enable effective communication with the public during an emergency situation. 

"There is a growing need in our City to further expand our programming for children and families, strengthen connections with our marginalized population and provide care during climate emergencies,” said City of Medford Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn. “A newly renovated and transformed Hegner Center has the potential to fulfill these critical needs and serve our community in a variety of essential functions. I’m grateful to Congresswoman Katherine Clark for supporting this project, and delivering the necessary funding to make it happen.”

Malden River Works Project, City of Malden: $1,560,000

The funding will be used by the City of Malden to fund the construction of the Malden River Works Project. This project will ensure the operational capabilities of the City’s Department of Public Works, and provide the community with a new park on a historically inaccessible waterway.

“This news couldn’t have come at a better time. Between myself and my team, the project's Steering Committee, and our passionate residents, we are so eager to see the Malden River Works project move forward,” said City of Malden Mayor Gary Christenson. “This project will upgrade Malden's Department of Public Works yard to include a climate-resilient park along the Malden River. With the announcement of this funding award, we can finally go out to bid and start the first phase of construction on the project. Thank you so much to the hard work and determination of Congresswoman Katherine Clark and Senators Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren for getting us to this point!”

Riverside and Gibson Park Project, City of Revere: $500,000

The funding will be used by the City of Revere for construction costs for shoreline stabilization and the Gibson Park portion of the project amed at reducing risk and redeveloping the Gibson Park and Mills Avenue Neighborhood. The project benefits the climate resilience of the community. 

“The City of Revere is grateful for the ongoing support of the Gibson Park Project. Bringing resiliency and recreational benefits to the community will offer great opportunity for our residents and builds off a yearslong planning process,” said City of Revere Mayor Patrick Keefe. “A project of this magnitude requires many partnerships to successfully bring it to fruition. We are especially appreciative of the strong strategic advocacy from Congresswoman Clark to recognize and support flood risk reduction measures for this neighborhood, which has been experiencing increasingly significant flooding events over the past ten years.”

SMOC Child Care Center HVAC Project, City of Framingham: $900,000

The funding would be used by the SMOC Child Care Center to upgrade their facility’s HVAC system. The project will create a safer, more comfortable learning space for young learners, while also improving the overall environmental efficiency of the building.

"We are deeply grateful to Congresswoman Katherine Clark for this Community Project Funding (CPF) grant, which will allow SMOC to install a modern heating, ventilation and air conditioning system in our Child Care and Head Start facility in South Framingham,” said SMOC CEO Susan Gentili."The new system will ensure that children from this historically underserved community will benefit from abundant fresh air circulation for years to come. These improvements are key to SMOC's mission to provide equitable Head Start and Child Care programming to the families we serve."

Green Infrastructure in the Mystic, Town of Arlington: $959,757

The funding would be used by the Town of Arlington to build small-scale, cost-effective installations that distribute the benefits of stormwater management regionally along the Mystic River Watershed, which is the most urbanized watershed in New England. 

“The Mystic River Watershed Association (MyRWA) is so pleased to learn that Congresswoman Clark is supporting a regional project to improve water quality in this watershed,” said MyRWA Executive Director Patrick Herron.  “Water quality and climate change are big challenges, and we’re proud to be in partnership with the Congresswoman, the Town of Arlington and our Mystic communities to create a healthier Mystic River.”

Waltham Boys and Girls Club HVAC Project, City of Waltham: $1,046,103

The funding would be used by the Waltham Boys and Girls Club to upgrade their facility’s HVAC system — increasing their capacity to serve Waltham families.

"We are immensely grateful for this support from Katherine Clark's Office that will allow us to reopen our aquatics facility, a cornerstone of our community's youth programming. This funding is not just an investment in infrastructure but in the safety, health, and future of our children. With it, we can continue to offer lifesaving swim instruction and water safety education to all children, especially those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Reopening our aquatics facility means reinstating a vital resource that has saved lives and nurtured future leaders for more than eight decades,” said Waltham Boys & Girls Club Executive Director Erica Young and Board President Chris Demeo. “We are excited to breathe new life into our facility, ensuring it remains a beacon of hope, safety, and opportunity for Waltham youth. This is a monumental step towards leveling the playing field, providing equitable access to essential life skills, and furthering our mission to serve those who need us most.”

Wellesley Commuter Rail ADA Compliance Project, Town of Wellesley: $500,000

The funding would be used by the Town of Wellesley to ensure ADA compliance at local commuter rail stations. The project will improve access for community members and produce health and safety benefits for the community.

“The Town of Wellesley is grateful to Congresswoman Katherine Clark for securing $500,000 in necessary capital funds to provide an interim solution for the Wellesley Square commuter rail station so that it becomes fully accessible to all individuals, regardless of their mobility challenges,” said Town of Wellesley Executive Director Meghan Jop. “While the Town remains hopeful that a permanent resolution for all three commuter rail stations is found to ensure equitable access to our public transit hubs, we appreciate the Congresswoman’s dedication to increasing access at Wellesley Square now. We look forward to continuing to partner with Congresswoman Clark on Wellesley’s priorities.”