WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Democratic Whip Katherine Clark (MA-5) appeared on CNN This Morning to discuss the MAGA Republican threat of a government shutdown. Below are highlights from her interview:

On Kevin McCarthy’s allegiance to MAGA extremism: 

“Back in June, [McCarthy] made a deal with the President of the United States after taking the economy hostage – catering to these extremists and their agenda of burning the government down.

“We had 314 bipartisan votes in the House of Representatives for that deal. The answer is right in front of him. But what he is choosing is his own power. And what he is doing to get there is catering to an extreme agenda. 

“It doesn't have to be this way. When Democrats were in charge, we made investments in infrastructure and manufacturing, reducing the costs of insulin, and health care. We did it with a slim majority. It is time for the Republicans in the GOP to put the people they serve first.”

On How to Responsibly Prevent a Government Shutdown:

“The way out of this is to live up to his word – the bipartisan deal he already signed. Talk about whether Democrats would save his job is, frankly, irrelevant. Let's move forward on the deal we have. Let's get to work. The American people are looking at this, and they don't see themselves in anything that the House GOP is putting out there.”

On Democrats’ commitment to prioritizing the needs of the American people:

“We're going to continue to center what people need. Everywhere I travel in this country, people are worried about the high cost of living. They're worried that these extremists are coming for their reproductive freedoms. They are worrying that they’re coming for Social Security and Medicare. And what we're going to do is say: 

‘We're here with a deal, and we expect Kevin McCarthy to keep his word.’ 

“We have a bipartisan agreement. And what flows from that is going to be good for the American people, good for the economy, and ultimately good for Kevin McCarthy. But what we're seeing is a leader who refuses to lead, who is only concerned with his own power.”

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