“McCarthy has chosen to prioritize his job security above all else, and the consequences of this shutdown will lie at his feet,” wrote Clark.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In case you missed it, Democratic Whip Katherine Clark (MA-5) published an op-ed today condemning MAGA Republicans’ march toward a government shutdown and the extremism that has taken hold of the House Republican Conference.

You can read the entire op-ed HERE or below: 

MAGA extremists have hijacked the House‚Äč

By Katherine Clark, House Democratic Whip

“A Republican speaker of the House, Joseph Cannon, once noted: 'A majority can do anything.'

“When House Democrats controlled the majority in the last Congress, we slashed prescription drug prices, turbocharged American manufacturing, rebuilt our communities’ infrastructure, expanded health care for our veterans, took action against gun violence and delivered the largest climate investment in our nation’s history.

“Nearly 10 months into their majority, House Republicans haven’t used their power to create jobs, lower costs or build safer communities. They have used it to play increasingly unhinged political games— first manufacturing a dangerous debt ceiling crisis and now careening toward a needless, painful government shutdown.

“Over the summer, President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy reached a bipartisan spending agreement. Neither side thought it was perfect, but they agreed it was a fair compromise — one that would keep the federal government open for business.

“Both parties voted for it. McCarthy, R-Calif., and his leadership team even called it “historic.” But before the ink was dry, he went back on his word and tore it up.

“Why? Because McCarthy has handed the speaker’s gavel over to the most extreme members of his party.

“These 'Anti-Freedom Caucus' extremists are using their control over McCarthy to advance an agenda of chaos and MAGA ideology. From day one, they have sought to undermine the American people — voting to tack anti-abortion amendments onto our military budget, ban students from playing sports and help billionaires cheat on their taxes.

“Their only vision is one of greater conflict — a future that enriches the ultra-wealthy at the expense of working families, empowers extremists at the expense of our democratic institutions and satisfies anti-abortion zealots at the expense of our freedom.

“Let’s be clear about what this MAGA Majority has demanded in exchange for doing its job and funding the government:

  • Impeach the president without facts or evidence.
  • Impose a nationwide abortion ban — starting with our service members.
  • Defund the FBI.
  • Gut cancer research.
  • Tear food assistance away from hungry moms, kids and babies.
  • Slash our seniors’ Social Security and Medicare benefits.
  • Cut the lifesaving health care we promised to our veterans.

“That’s their ransom note, and they are willing to wreak catastrophe to get what they want. 

“The last time Republicans forced a full government shutdown, they eliminated $20 billion from the economy.

“In past shutdowns, veterans calling the VA were sent to voicemail. Small businesses couldn’t access loans. Tax refunds totaling $4 billion sat unmailed. FDA and EPA inspections ground to a halt. Even the Pentagon had to furlough employees.

“Inflicting that kind of chaos again would be more than a national inconvenience. It would damage our national security, threaten families’ livelihoods and sabotage our continued economic recovery.

“The world’s oldest democracy and its largest economy have been hijacked by a few extremists, and the nominal speaker of the House is letting them drive us over a cliff.

“McCarthy has chosen to prioritize his job security above all else, and the consequences of this shutdown will lie at his feet.

“It’s not too late to come back from the edge and honor the hard-bargained agreement we reached four months ago.

“But if MAGA Republicans continue to disregard the responsibility that comes with the majority — if they use that power to impose suffering on their constituents — the American people will not forget.”

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